Flying Fairy Style (飛天髻, Fēi tiān jì)


Flying Fairy Style (飛天髻, Fēi tiān jì)






Ancient Chinese Hair Styles: Flying Fairy Style (飛天髻, Fēi tiān jì)

There are many folk stories set during the Han Dynasty, of heavenly beings who descend to earth to pass on wisdom. Legend has it that the Heavenly Mother of the Jade Palace visited Emperor Wu Di. He was so astounded by the visit that he recorded the flying fairies’ hairstyle, and asked his court maidens to imitate it. Today, we can see this kind of hairstyle on the Shen Yun stage—the flying fairy style.

The flying fairy style is a type of up-do, where one's actual hair connects at the top of one’s head with hair extensions, with a jade hairpin used as an ornament. It was first seen in imperial courts, and was later popularized among the general public.

So just what exactly does this have to do with wisdom? On a deeper level, the flying fairy style represents a connection between heaven and earth. The ancients described the hairstyle through this piece of poetry – “Fairies from the heavens, descending to meet the emperor; upon close examination, you will see but a reflection of the hair as light, disappearing as a blanket of mist.”




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