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At the great crossroads of the world, in the city that everyone dreams of, a unique phenomenon is blossoming: yes, the fashion capital of New York now embraces Han Couture!

This is the revered clothing of traditional Chines culture, a civilization that continues to inspire great pride in its modern day descendants, and a way of life that displays great etiquette and dignity. 

Honoring, reviving and returning to this magnificent culture is the tireless ambition of everyone at Tian Yun Design.

New York, a focal point of the world, has become a global center of art, culture and finance. This provides a rich and bountiful environment for Han Couture clothing to prosper and grow; it offers us boundless opportunities for creative inspiration, provides a stunning backdrop to our pure and virtuous artistic works, and allows us to express ourselves fully on the world stage. 

Our mission: pursuing harmony between man and nature; embracing a healthy and peaceful lifestyle; and fulfilling our deepest hopes and dreams by returning to traditional Chinese culture.

Imagine Chinese screens, inscribed boards, ancient coins and jade, distinguished men and women wearing traditional Han Couture clothing, exquisite accessories of antiquity, ornamental decorations… The recreation of Han Couture will enthrall you as if turning back time, transporting you to the flourishing period of the Han and Tang Dynasties.

The various popular trends in today's society are ephemeral and quickly replaced, hurting our souls on an unconscious level. Even the Western world's wedding ceremony - the falling petals of a red rose, the flight of the white dove, the billowing of the pure white wedding dress in the wind as the solemn church bells sound - can no longer fulfill the entirety of our yearning. Suddenly while looking into the past we experience a moment of timelessness in Han Couture, and from the depths of our hearts reach out to understand this culture more fully. 

Throughout its grand history stretching back 5000 years, China has been celebrated for its glorious civilization and refined etiquette. Just think of the magnificent culture of the Xia Dynasty, or the beautiful attire of the Wei Dynasty.

The Han Couture wedding ceremony shares these 5000 years of history and tradition, reflected in the exquisite clothing. Your everlasting vow and dream finds resonance in timeless Han Couture attire. The moment you have awaited for countless years, the moment where hopes and dreams become reality, is sealed in a "Blessed Destiny", the Han Couture wedding project. 

The praises of classical verses, the melodious sound of classical music, the elegant and stately Han Couture wedding ceremonies of the Zhou Dynasty: all this combines to touch people's hearts and entrance them - giving them renewed hope of a pure moment on this most special day. 

Wearing a Han Couture ceremonial robe in marriage holds the promise that you will mutually respect and honor each other and grow old together. It symbolizes the divine and the stately, giving you a strong impression of the values of Chinese civilization. Through the traditional Chinese ceremony you will make the sacred vow to grow old in marriage together, and will be blessed by an unforgettable moment of love and promise.

Han Couture wedding dresses, based on traditional designs, are inspiring the trends of the future.

The Han Couture wedding project "A Blessed Destiny" helps give couples the best possible chance of a lifetime of happiness and unity. The project includes:

1) Han Couture wedding ceremony planning

2) Rental of a Han Couture wedding dress

3) Make-up

4) Photography and videography of the entire event

5) Supply of 2-6 additional Han Couture dresses 

6) Photography and videography at beautiful, scenic locations in New York City

7) All inclusive exquisite Chinese banquet, high-quality restaurant, excellent hotel, and visits to unique tourist attractions.


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