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If you need CUSTOMIZATION measurements, please refer to the below link for the size and color reference.

For MORE DRESSES, please kindly refer to the below link for more choices. 

If you need your dresses urgently, please kindly refer to the below link for RUSH ORDER reference, we can offer you the fastest and safest delivery within 10 DAYS. 

TianYun Design have handmade many dresses、Han Fu(Han Couture)for Man、women and girls Etc. worldwide, and more and more customers are now choosing us as the place to shop for their big days and events!

Delivery Time

Because all orders have to be processed before they can be shipped, the total shipping time is divided into two parts: processing time and delivery time.
Total Shipping Time = Processing Time + Shipping Time
From receipt of your order deposit commences. Normal orders Spot  7days ,Normal Tailored clothing orders about 17-28days.
Receiving time (Time needed for your order to be received successfully since you made the order) = Tailoring time (around 7-12 Calendar days or 14-28days) +shipping time (around 2-5 Calendar days). 

Note: customized products, unpredictability, lack of fabric, there will be differences in the time. 

Quality Guarantee

Custom Tailored
All Han Couture(Han Fu), wedding and formal dresses are customizable, though we also offer a range of sizes from 2-26W.  Han Couture(Han Fu) and Wedding dresses can be tailored in ivory, white, champagne, and pink, while there are also several color options for formal dresses.
The Best Price
TianYun Design’s prices are a lot lower than retail prices due to our efficiency and lowered operational expenditure form having main operations in China. Our price vary from US$80-US$300, US$300-US$500,US$500-US$800,US$800-US$1200 Etc. for some of the highest quality dresses found online.
Fine Quality
TianYun Design use the finest production techniques to create your dress.
Excellent Customer Service
TianYun Design have great customer service, available for help 24/7.
Happy Customers
TianYun Design have made many of our customers’day, providing amazing dresses for their weddings and events.


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